Monday, June 26, 2017

Tiruye's Birthday Plans

My birthday is coming soon. For breakfast I want real chocolate chip muffins. For lunch we are going to go to IHOP. For a snack we will have real chocolate smoothies. For dinner we will go out for dinner which is Chik-fil-A. I will want friends over at home, and for dessert we will get ice cream with whipped cream and M&M sprinkles, and cherry on top. The ice cream will be chocolate. Mama and I will stay up for a little bit and nobody else is allowed to watch the cooking show with us. I will wear my new crown with my new wand that I will be holding and pretending to do magic in a magic show. We will go to the zoo. We will be able to play on the playground near the chimpanzees and monkeys. I want to go to the store with Mama to buy things.

Tegegn Goes to Farm Camp

I  went to farm camp. I had fun at farm camp. I saw horses. I held chicks. We saw turtles. I made a Captain America shield at home.
Atticus's Robotics

At Robotics I made a robot that had to pick up gears, balls, and climb a rope. 
This is a list of ways to get points: You can score points with balls by scoring in the high goal. The high goal is like 3 feet high. It's worth 3 points. The low goal is 3 inches off the ground. It's worth 1 point. You can score points with gears by putting a gear on a peg with your robot that's worth 15 points. At climb time, you have to have your robot climb a rope that's worth 15 points. My mentor was Magoo. He is nice and funny! I had a great time I got first place. 

Norah's Robotics Camp

When I first came I was so amazed at what they did there .When I got to camp you had to get your name tag. There were so many campers. They all had boxes for the campers' names. They showed me where I was supposed to work. Since there were a lot of kids there, they had to split kids into groups. The last four days were working on 2-D and 3-D cars. We did it on computers. It was really fun. Then we actually got to build cars for real! I was so excited and my friend was too. My friend's car was amazing. It had curved sides, and it had holes in the front. I forget my friend's name, but we were best friends. On Friday, we got to race each others' cars. Our parents could come, but my parents were not able to come. However, my grandma could come. We had so much fun. You should go too!