Saturday, April 20, 2013

Tegegn Is Three!

This little guy's smile lights up a room. Oh, how we love our Tegegn!

When the director of our adoption agency called to give us our referral in July of 2011, I managed to hold my emotions in-check until she told us Tegegn's birthday. He shares it with my late grandfather with whom I was very close and it felt like one of those magical adoption coincidences to be matched with a son who was born on the same day as my grandpa.

Here are some facts about Tegegn at the awesome age of three:
  • He makes us look like fabulous parents. This kid is almost always happy. He loves to go places and generally behaves beautifully while he's there. Any outing is an exciting one as far as Tegegn is concerned!
  • Tegegn's version of a temper tantrum is to sink silently down onto his stomach and raise his head to glare at you accusingly every few seconds. This repeats for about a minute and then he gets up and moves on with his happy life.
  • He has a happy bounce when he walks.
  • He loves giving kisses and hugs.
  • Trucks, his bicycle, and babydolls are his favorite toys. He also really likes putting on fancy dresses and twirling.
  • Tegegn is not prone to mischief, but on the rare occasions that he gets into things, he goes big. Cases in point: drawing all over our kitchen floor with red Sharpie the day before we were having an open house to sell it and using his frozen Go-Gurt to scribble on all seven of our kitchen windows in the time it took me to run upstairs for a couple of minutes. He was very proud of himself both times. Full-fat Greek yogurt is very difficult to thoroughly clean off of glass.
  • He really likes vegetables and is the only child I know who loves hot sauce and requests it on his food.
  • Did I mention how loving he is? Those of us in his inner-circle are showered with love and affection.
We feel incredibly lucky to be the parents of this sweet, sweet kid and it's so much fun to see him growing and developing each day. We love you, Tegegn!

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