Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Atticus Is Six!

I don't know who gave him these, since the many children present conspired to open gifts haphazardly, but they were a HUGE hit - and good for use as a parenting tool, too.

This was a very large and unguarded pit next to the playground. It was fascinating to children of all ages.

Atticus has recently become fascinated by kid-level biographies about people like Rosa Parks, Cesar Chavez, Ruby Bridges, and George Washington Carver. As we finished our most recent book about George Washington Carver tonight, Atticus was upset because he hasn't done anything amazing enough yet with his own life to merit having a book written about it. My oldest kiddo, such a deep thinker. I suspect he will do many great things with his time on Earth.

Here are some important pieces of information about Atticus at six:
  • He loves building and creating things. He spent two hours recently making his own golf clubs out of duct tape.
  • Digging in the backyard can still keep him busy for hours on end. 
  • Atticus is such a good big brother. Truly, he has exceeded my highest expectations about how he would handle having new siblings. He takes his job very seriously and is awesome with Tegegn and Tiruye.
  • He is enormously curious about the world and how it works. He asks really hard questions.
  • He still likes to snuggle and cuddle, and be hugged. My heart is going to break when he doesn't want those things anymore.
  • He's lost four teeth in the last year. I'm starting to worry that his top teeth might never grown in completely, but I think it's cute.
Atticus, our amazingly complicated and lovable boy, we love you to infinity and beyond and are so grateful to be your parents!

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