Sunday, April 7, 2013

525,600 Minutes (Give or Take a Few)

I shall not attempt to recap the last couple of months. I've been terrible at documenting our kids' lives. I went back to work around the time of the last blog entry. Tegegn and Tiruye adjusted quite smoothly to their Grandma Bebee's daycare and we've been super lucky to have help from all of the grandparents to make our days flow easily.  Atticus and Norah are growing, growing, growing like weeds. They are both beginning to write and read and I love watching them develop as independent thinkers.

This week we celebrated Tegegn and Tiruye's first Family Day. The bottom three pictures above are from the airport last year on 4/3/12. They have flourished  and we're so grateful to have them in our family.

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