Saturday, February 2, 2013

I'm So Far Behind...

Have I really let two months go by since I last posted to this blog? The blog that is my only form of baby book for any of the kids? I guess I really have been a little bit busy. My apologies to Facebook friends and Instagram followers who will surely recognize all the photos above. My real camera lies dusty on a shelf and I'm hurting for new original pictures to post.

Imagine I blogged all about Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, and a handful of birthdays. We gave Atticus and Norah Razor scooters and Tegegn and Tiruye received balance bikes. To combat the craziness that comes from being cooped up inside during the winter, we're letting them use their vehicles in the house. It's been a very popular decision, but visitors enter at their own peril. This is a heavy traffic zone.

Completely unrelated to his beloved bicycle, Tegegn tumbled off the couch and bonked his head on the coffee table and needed three stitches a couple of weeks ago. I thought the emergency room doctor was being exceedingly tolerant searching up and down the arm Tegegn presented to him seeking the boo-boo, and then, after several minutes of looking, the doctor realized that the chart had indicated that the wound was on Tegegn's eyebrow NOT elbow. It wasn't the most confidence-inducing moment I've experienced in the ER - especially since Tegegn's forehead was caked in blood -  but the stitches came out with hardly a scar, so the doctor must have done a good job after all.

The big kids are losing teeth at an alarming rate. Norah has declared that she is going to be a tooth fairy when she grows up.

The little kids were not at all pleased by snow when it first fell. Tegegn stuck his finger in it, pulled it out, and exclaimed, "Mama, YUCK!" Tiruye hated how the snow stuck to her mittens and made them dirty. Both kiddos insisted on being carried outside for the first few days. They've adjusted, however, and now enjoy the twenty minute process of getting bundled up so that they can wander around in the snow for five minutes and then come inside to have hot chocolate.

Life is very busy and loud. Too busy and too loud sometimes. However, there are so many moments every day that melt my heart and make me grateful to be raising the family we have. The sibling dynamic that has developed between all four children is remarkable to see. For the first few months after they got home, Tiruye was not at all keen on her older brother and sister. Now she routinely follows them around and requests that they help her with tasks like getting dressed. All four of them are generally very good about playing together and the love they have for each other is evident. I can't adequately express how happy that makes me. They are a very good crew and we are very lucky parents.

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Thanks for the wonderful post, Betsy. It was good to hear what everyone is up to. :)- Kim M.