Monday, October 29, 2012

We're Still Here

As you can see from the photo dump above, we're still alive, well, and busy. Most of my thoughts these days just feel more Facebook-sized than material enough for a full blog post. I tie the kitchen chairs to the table to prevent them from being dragged around the house as accessories to mayhem and I bemoan playdates gone wrong. I post adorable pictures of my kids. I bite my tongue and prevent myself from posting too many political things because even though I'm pretty sure I'm right and everyone who intends to vote for the other candidates is wrong, I'm pretty sure they feel the same way about me and have no intention of changing their minds. And so it goes.

Meanwhile, we've been occupying our lives with plenty of fall-themed activities: corn mazes, corn boxes, playing in leaves, and choosing pumpkins have all been hits. The bambinos are all thriving. Atticus loves being in kindergarten, though he does get quite tired by the end of the day. Norah is taking a dance class this semester and loves it. Tegegn is smiley and is generally the most easy-going kid we've had. Tiruye continues to be into everything, but makes up for it by being the sweetest little girl. Seriously though, the child is into everything. If Tegegn wanders out of the room for two minutes, I will usually find him with his older siblings or pushing cars along the floor. If Tiruye leave the room and is quiet, you can be assured that she's gotten into my makeup bag and is dumping my new bottle of foundation over her hair (true story). When you discover her, she grins and sometimes blows kisses. I thought Atticus and Norah created a lot of mischief at that age, but Tiruye takes it to a whole new level. With that said, oh, how we love our little newbies. Knowing that they're most likely going to be our last additions, I often want to freeze time and savor the cuddles, chubby cheeks, and general sweetness. For full disclosure, I'm also a mom of four kids five and under, so I also often want to hit fast forward to a time when everyone's needs are just a little less urgent and the kiddos are more independent. Why can't life be like a DVD that can be repeated, rewound, and fast forwarded at will?