Sunday, August 26, 2012

I keep meaning to write an in-depth post about how adjustment is going, but most nights once the kiddos are in bed my brain is spent. In short, everyone is doing really well.

Tiruye remains a holy terror to take to stores because she hates being contained in a shopping cart, Ergo, or stroller and refuses to hold hands preferring instead to run around doing whatever she pleases. If the kibosh is put on her plans, she throws tantrums that attract the attention of everyone in the store.  Luckily she makes up for it by being a total doll most of the time that she's not in a public marketplace. She gives great kisses and loves playing with her older siblings.

Tegegn is our smiley little guy and is enthusiastic about any and every outing. He loves putting on shoes and riding in the car and is even more excited when a ride terminates in an actual destination.

Atticus and Norah started school last week - preschool for Norah and KINDERGARTEN for Atticus. They were thrilled to be back with their teachers and friends.

The final photograph [in which I swear the big kids are wearing pants] was taken from our kitchen window while I was inside. This might not seem remarkable, but Tegegn and Tiruye have been dogmatic about keeping me within arms reach since they came home and to see them go out in the yard to play with the big kids without a parent felt like a big step.

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