Sunday, August 26, 2012

I keep meaning to write an in-depth post about how adjustment is going, but most nights once the kiddos are in bed my brain is spent. In short, everyone is doing really well.

Tiruye remains a holy terror to take to stores because she hates being contained in a shopping cart, Ergo, or stroller and refuses to hold hands preferring instead to run around doing whatever she pleases. If the kibosh is put on her plans, she throws tantrums that attract the attention of everyone in the store.  Luckily she makes up for it by being a total doll most of the time that she's not in a public marketplace. She gives great kisses and loves playing with her older siblings.

Tegegn is our smiley little guy and is enthusiastic about any and every outing. He loves putting on shoes and riding in the car and is even more excited when a ride terminates in an actual destination.

Atticus and Norah started school last week - preschool for Norah and KINDERGARTEN for Atticus. They were thrilled to be back with their teachers and friends.

The final photograph [in which I swear the big kids are wearing pants] was taken from our kitchen window while I was inside. This might not seem remarkable, but Tegegn and Tiruye have been dogmatic about keeping me within arms reach since they came home and to see them go out in the yard to play with the big kids without a parent felt like a big step.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

It all started when I decided to be bold and try to take a shower while home alone with children who were awake. Of course, in the thirty seconds it took me to shampoo my hair Tiruye found a box of cornstarch and dumped it out. Before cleaning it up, I called Atticus and Norah to bring the Dustbuster and admire their little sister's handywork. They asked if they could play in it before we cleaned up and I agreed - picturing them drawing pictures with their fingers in the white powder. I'd obviously forgotten the personalities of my older children because, true to form, they dove headfirst into the mess and turned it into an adventure of a whole other level.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Atticus and Norah's Camp Time

Atticus and Norah spent a glorious two weeks with my parents at the lake earlier last month. Their time there was packed full of adventures such as traveling on a ferry, getting to sit in the cockpit of the airplane and make announcements after the flight had landed, the neighbors' house being under construction and the workers there letting them sit in the bulldozer, being invited to the captain's headquarters on a steamboat, and swimming off a boat around islands. Life back at home seems very dull to them now!

Camp Time!

My mom and I drove out to Lake George with all four children to spend last week at my grandmother's summer cottage. It's always magical to be surrounded by extended family and the wonders that the lake and its surroundings offer to the kids. Norah's fifth birthday was on Sunday and she loved celebrating it with her third cousins.

 I took exactly ZERO pictures of our many adventures in the water, but Tegegn and Tiruye loved it and I predict they will develop into little fish just like their older siblings. Tiruye took one look at all the big kids going off the water slide and rope swing into the lake and demanded to be given a turn. That will have to wait until next year since she's still working on blowing bubbles in the water without inhaling half the lake.

Below, Tiruye demonstrates how adorably sad she looks whenever she's told "no".
 We visited Fort Ticonderoga where there was a children's workshop on harvesting from the gardens there. Norah got to dig up potatoes and insisted on bringing some home to Indiana to share with Paul.

 Atticus and Norah love chatting with people recreating history at the fort.  Shortly after this picture, when the little kids [and I] were about to melt down, I realized that Tegegn had opened the zipper on the pouch of my Ergo carrier and my car keys were missing. Fortunately, one of the members of the fife and drum corps was able to tell me that they'd been turned into the main office before I could become completely hysterical at the idea of being trapped at the fort for hours with tired little people.
Vacationing with four children and no spouse was a little bit exhausting even though I had a ton of help from my parents and other family members, but the memories made are precious. Thank you for hosting us, Nommie and Grandpa Terry!