Sunday, June 3, 2012

Weekly Update

This picture perfectly captures a frequent dynamic in our house.  Norah is totally psyched to help out with her younger siblings. The babies are tolerant but not quite sure how to handle it at first.
Then they decide that their big sister is a whole lot of fun.

Z loved flipping with Grandpa Terry.
E and Z have been home for two months now. Their presence is starting to feel normal. We love them and they are fabulous. Of course, there are still challenges. Were you aware that we adopted two toddlers? It turns out that two-year-olds and nearly two-year-olds have opinions and curiosity even if they've just arrived home. You don't really get a grace period before they start opening and shutting drawers, flushing the toilet at every chance to see what happens, and having meltdowns because you're out of graham crackers. In short, E and Z are normal and they're very good at exhibiting toddler behaviors. I felt like this was a challenging age when Atticus and Norah were this size because they had a lot more mobility than sense and didn't have the ability to really understand offers of bribes earning privileges or consequences based on their behavior. This time around, I find it similarly vexing with the added component that we feel like we're still working on attachment with E and Z so it's hard to know exactly how to play out some situations. Do you meet the demands the screaming, tearful toddler because it's important for bonding or is capitulating to all this whining creating a spoiled child? It can be tough to figure it all out. With that said, life is good and we feel very blessed to have all the kiddos under one roof and bonding together. They are a joy.

The quote of the week is brought to you by Norah: "I wasn't biting Tegegn. I was just hugging him with my teeth."

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