Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Atticus Loses a Tooth

On Saturday Atticus discovered his first loose tooth. He had been anticipating this ever since his older classmates in his mixed-age Montessori classroom started losing their first teeth. I'd been dreading it because I was not quite ready for my baby to be sprouting adult teeth. At any rate, it thrilling for both him and Norah and hourly checks on the tooth's status began. When he pulled it out by himself on Monday morning the crowd went wild and everyone started to get ready for a visit from the tooth fairy.

Atticus woke up several times last night to check on the tooth fairy's progress, at one point waking and crying to discover that the Tupperware container with his tooth was gone and "there's nothing under my pillow except for plain, old, underneath the pillow." Tooth fairies need a little extra time some nights.

She ended up leaving him a sparkly dollar along with a note explaining that it's common in Ethiopia for children to throw their teeth up onto the roofs of their houses and make a wish for the moon to grow them new teeth. She kindly returned Atticus's tooth in the package and suggested that he might want to try out the Ethiopian method himself.
It took Atticus about ten tries to get his tooth up onto the upper roof of our house. Meanwhile, he, Norah, and I were standing on our lower kitchen roof giggling like mad as the tooth kept on falling right back at our feet. I'm sure the neighbors were very curious.


Kim said...

How did the tooth fairy get the $1 bill so sparkly? (My tooth fairy wants to know.) What a wonderful tradition about throwing the tooth on the roof.

Life in the Bend said...

Kim, it's glitter nail polish.