Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Atticus Loses a Tooth

On Saturday Atticus discovered his first loose tooth. He had been anticipating this ever since his older classmates in his mixed-age Montessori classroom started losing their first teeth. I'd been dreading it because I was not quite ready for my baby to be sprouting adult teeth. At any rate, it thrilling for both him and Norah and hourly checks on the tooth's status began. When he pulled it out by himself on Monday morning the crowd went wild and everyone started to get ready for a visit from the tooth fairy.

Atticus woke up several times last night to check on the tooth fairy's progress, at one point waking and crying to discover that the Tupperware container with his tooth was gone and "there's nothing under my pillow except for plain, old, underneath the pillow." Tooth fairies need a little extra time some nights.

She ended up leaving him a sparkly dollar along with a note explaining that it's common in Ethiopia for children to throw their teeth up onto the roofs of their houses and make a wish for the moon to grow them new teeth. She kindly returned Atticus's tooth in the package and suggested that he might want to try out the Ethiopian method himself.
It took Atticus about ten tries to get his tooth up onto the upper roof of our house. Meanwhile, he, Norah, and I were standing on our lower kitchen roof giggling like mad as the tooth kept on falling right back at our feet. I'm sure the neighbors were very curious.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Pictures Ten Weeks in the Making

I didn't write a lot about it here, but E and Z were terrified when they first met Stella. In fact, they were so scared that we ended up sending her home with my parents for another month and had her come for visits. Truly, I have never seen a child look as frightened as E did when he spotted the dog. When Stella came home a month and a half ago the fear was only marginally better. Spotting her led to screaming, demanding to be held, and general unhappiness throughout the household. Luckily the weather has been nice and Stella loves hanging around the yard because our survival strategy has been to keep the kids and dog on opposite sides of the back door.

In the last week or so there was a gradual softening to the terror. The babies still didn't want to be around the dog, but they enjoyed looking at her out the window and laughed when she came in as long as they were being held by a parent. Yesterday the dam finally broke and both kiddos started reaching out to pet Stella. Praise was showered on them and a tide seems to have turned today and they can't get enough of following her around, petting her, and laughing about it. Wonders will never cease.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Beach Day

We really did try to get some good pictures of E and Z. Alas, it was not to be.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Weekly Update

This picture perfectly captures a frequent dynamic in our house.  Norah is totally psyched to help out with her younger siblings. The babies are tolerant but not quite sure how to handle it at first.
Then they decide that their big sister is a whole lot of fun.

Z loved flipping with Grandpa Terry.
E and Z have been home for two months now. Their presence is starting to feel normal. We love them and they are fabulous. Of course, there are still challenges. Were you aware that we adopted two toddlers? It turns out that two-year-olds and nearly two-year-olds have opinions and curiosity even if they've just arrived home. You don't really get a grace period before they start opening and shutting drawers, flushing the toilet at every chance to see what happens, and having meltdowns because you're out of graham crackers. In short, E and Z are normal and they're very good at exhibiting toddler behaviors. I felt like this was a challenging age when Atticus and Norah were this size because they had a lot more mobility than sense and didn't have the ability to really understand offers of bribes earning privileges or consequences based on their behavior. This time around, I find it similarly vexing with the added component that we feel like we're still working on attachment with E and Z so it's hard to know exactly how to play out some situations. Do you meet the demands the screaming, tearful toddler because it's important for bonding or is capitulating to all this whining creating a spoiled child? It can be tough to figure it all out. With that said, life is good and we feel very blessed to have all the kiddos under one roof and bonding together. They are a joy.

The quote of the week is brought to you by Norah: "I wasn't biting Tegegn. I was just hugging him with my teeth."