Saturday, May 5, 2012


If you could just imagine that the house is clean, the yard is groomed, and the children's faces are wiped in these pictures, I would appreciate it. I'm quickly realizing that if I wait for those three events to happen at the same time before I take photographs it will never happen.

Tegegn and Tiruye are both making great strides in adjusting to life around our house. Tiruye was completely unwilling to sit in the swing when she first came home and now she loves being pushed and spun in it by her older siblings. Tegegn was really afraid of baby dolls and today discovered that he loves rocking them, kissing them, and carrying them around on his back. Both of my "babies" love being in our Ergo carrier (it's the only way Tiruye will nap if we're not in the car) and they were psyched when I fashioned slings for them to use with their dolls today. 

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