Monday, May 21, 2012


I took all the kiddos to the local children's museum by myself yesterday. It was generally a success. Tegegn and Tiruye loved the tiny shopping carts - possibly too much since when it was time to leave our lovely outing devolved. A couple of babies were VERY unhappy to leave behind their new favorite toy. Queue lots of other parents with only two children each standing around gaping at me as I tried to herd my reluctant children out to the parking garage. We were a sideshow. And then Tegegn pushed the alarm bell in the parking garage elevator. Good times.

Sibling love continues to grow. There was a period of time when Atticus kept suggesting that we should have adopted Alyssa or Rowen from daycare instead because they don't cry or poop as much as our babies, but he's come around and is now saying that we should add to our family again. Below, Tiruye demonstrates her most-excellent style of kissing. She growls like a bear whenever she kisses. It's pretty darn adorable.

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