Sunday, April 22, 2012

A Visit with GiGi

Atticus and Norah love their great-grandmother and GiGi is obviously winning over Tiruye too.
The kiddos almost never play with this pop-up tent, but the moment GiGi walks in the door, as soon as he's led her in gently by the hand and helped her take off her coat [How sweet is my kid?], Atticus always runs down to the basement to retrieve it.
Playing tent-peek-a-boo with GiGi is tradition and they all get a kick out of it.

Their other favorite activity with GiGi is covering her with a blanket and seeing if she can catch them.
When we were in Ethiopia last month, one of the employees at the hotel asked to look through the board books we'd made for Tegegn and Tiruye with pictures of their new family. His eyes got wide when he got to the picture of my grandma and he said he was impressed by how lucky our children are to have a great-grandmother who can spend time with them. I generally don't like it when people refer to our kids as "lucky", but in this case I completely agree. Having GiGi in our lives is a blessing.

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