Sunday, April 1, 2012


Tiruye was awake and ready to roll by the time we got to the park. She is walking well these days but doesn't have much practice navigating steps or hills. Her solution is to fall to her bottom and scootch past anything she deems too challenging. She liked finding sticks at the park to put in her mouth.

I found it challenging to pack toys for this trip. It's so hard to know what will capture a child's interest and with limited luggage space I wanted to make every item count. By a landslide, the most highly prized "toys" in our hotel room have ended up being the vibrating toothbrushes I brought for the kids, the extra travel toothbrushes I brought for myself and Paul, the complimentary toothbrushes the hotel leaves out, the boxes those complimentary toothbrushes come in, empty water bottles, and the set of travel Tupperware I brought for the kids' food. Obviously.

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