Sunday, April 1, 2012

Tegegn's Turn

Due to some weird Ethiopian internet quirk I can only attach two pictures per post. It's been hard choosing my favorites from each day.

We went to the Lion Zoo today. We had heard, quite accurately it turns out, that it's a pretty depressing place with very sad facilities (especially sad when one considers how close the animals are to their natural habitat) so we our expectations were not high. There were a ton of lions (I'd guess close to thirty), and also tortoises and various primates. It was a crowded park that was populated almost entirely by local citizens and our family attracted quite a bit of attention. Tiruye had fallen asleep in the van and remained that way throughout most of our time at the zoo, but Tegegn was content to ride on Paul's shoulders - as long as he could hold onto one of Paul's ears as a security blanket.

Tegegn loves brushing my hair and having his own hair brushed. This isn't the most flattering photograph of me, but I love the look on his face. He's such a sweet little soul.

P.S. I figured out how to add a third photo. How could you not love this kid?

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