Saturday, March 24, 2012


After receiving Tuesday's email granting E and Z permission to immigrate, we launched into nonstop action fueled entirely by adrenaline and coffee. Flights were arranged, a guest house was reserved, a driver was contacted, health insurance was updated, the dog was taken to her appointment at the veterinarian, and the new minivan was registered at the BMV. The mail was put on hold, clothes, diapers, and mattresses were purchased for E and Z, and appointments at the doctor following our return were arranged. All of this amidst preparing at school for me to go on maternity leave for a year and for Paul to take leave from his job and classes. Just typing it out leaves me feeling a little bit exhausted.

We hit a bit of a hiccup yesterday when we arrived for the first leg of our flight only to spend six hours waiting in various "help" desk lines. It was eventually determined that due to various delayed flights we would have to choose between being stranded at the Detroit airport overnight or going back home and trying to start anew today. We returned home and will leave again today. Our luggage , meanwhile, was put on the original flight to Chicago, sent ahead to meet us in Detroit, and now appears to be floating somewhere in the United, Delta, or Lufthansa baggage system. Let's hope that it eventually makes its way to Addis Ababa!

The plan now has us arriving in Addis on Monday morning, visiting E and Z that day, and then taking custody of them on Tuesday before our Embassy appointment on Wednesday. We will FINALLY be able to post pictures of them on Tuesday as long as we have internet access. Our departure from Ethiopia is the following Monday and we'll arrive home the next day.

All of this feels unreal and too good to be true. The moment we've been waiting for is finally here.!

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LibraryHungry said...

A crazy beginning to what's sure to be a whirlwind of a trip! Safe travels and joyful returns for all of you!