Tuesday, March 27, 2012

We Are Here!

Approximately 60 hours after departing for the airport for the first time, we arrived in Ethiopia yesterday morning. Our journey here included a 17 hour layover in Frankfurt, Germany. We were both anxious to finally get to Addis Ababa, but we still had a lovely time exploring Frankfurt on foot. It turns out that almost nothing is open there on a Sunday. This was especially unfortunate because the crotch of my only pair of jeans ripped in the airport on Sunday morning and I was really hoping to replace them! However, it was a gorgeous and sunny day and we enjoyed touring the entire city on foot, lounging on benches to people watch, and finally settled in to an English cinema to see The Hunger Games.
There had been a massive mixup with our luggage when we first tried to depart and we weren't sure that it would arrive in Addis or if it would be lost forever. Happily, when we arrived in Ethiopia we found that one of our bags had arrived on the same flight as us, two were waiting in the unclaimed luggage area from a previous flight, and was had just arrived from Dubai. I think our suitcases had more of an adventure than we did!
Monday afternoon was one of the moments we'd been waiting for and we got to visit E and Z. Poor little E was so scared. He burst into tears as soon as he saw us. He calmed down once we were holding him, but anytime we put him down over the next two hours he cried again. Our Ergo carrier is going to take a beating with this little guy, but we're very grateful that he seems comforted by being held. Z was as hilarious as ever. Her walking has improved in the last three months and she was delighted to play peek-a-boo from behind a couch with us. She babbles nonstop and seems to have very clear intentions of saying something. She's truly delightful.
This morning we will be meeting with the agency lawyer and running some errands before going to the orphanage this afternoon to check out E and Z permanently. I'm thrilled and terrified all at once. We have been waiting such a long time for this, but I can't help but dread how traumatizing it will be for E and Z to leave everything they've ever known. Your good thoughts and prayers for a peaceful transition for both children would be much appreciated!

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Diapeepees said...

How exciting these babies are almost in your grasp! Love to you all. And the part about the crotch in your jeans was pretty funny!