Thursday, March 29, 2012

Fwd: Thursday

Tegegn discovered and figured out how to use the iTouch today and was delighted. I doubt Tegegn and Tiruye have had any experience with Apple products up to this point, but it was quite evident that they were familiar with talking on cellphones. Several happy hours were spent marching around the hotel room pretending to chat.

I have very similar pictures of Norah asleep in this Ergo. I love how their little bodies stay molded in exactly the same position they were in when attached to a parent's body.

Today was awesome. And also awesomely hard. Both of the kids called us "Mama" and "Papa". Their little personalities are continuing to unfold and delight us. There was also A LOT of crying - the type that makes me hope the hotel won't kick us out for noise violations before our stay here is done. I feel like we lived through about eight separate days in just the twelve hours that the kiddos were awake. I am grateful. I am tired.

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Diapeepees said...

Those positions of an asleep baby are certainly sweet.