Monday, January 23, 2012

Waiting List

Wait, wait, wait. Whine, whine, whine. Rinse. Repeat. I'm boring even myself.

Eventually - we hope - our two little ones will come home and we might not have much notice at all. If we pass court on Wednesday, we've been told that it will take at least 4-6 weeks for our paperwork to be submitted to the U.S. Embassy. After that, everything is up in the air. We could pass within a few days and be given clearance to travel immediately, or they could decide to do additional investigations and reviews of our cases and it could take many, many months. [Wait! This is veering into whining territory! Get to the list!] At any rate, we might have a ton of time left before our babies come home, but it could be just a couple of months away and I will surely want to go back in time and shoot myself if I don't get certain tasks out of the way first.
  • train for a 10-k scheduled for 4.4.12
  • declutter the babies' room
  • finish decorating the babies' room
  • donate infant clothes and equipment that the newbies will be too big to use
  • get rid of the old drop-side cribs
  • buy new/used cribs
  • obtain and probably paint a new/used dresser to house the newbies' clothes
  • find a minivan to buy
  • declutter the entryway
  • repaint the entryway (Thanks, Pinterest!)
  • clean out the kitchen cabinets
  • purge clothes that the rest of the family no longer uses
  • lesson plan for maternity leave
  • Enjoy Atticus and Norah and revel in being a family of four before everything changes.

There you have it, Reader. If it's on the internet, then it must be true that I'm going to dig into this list and get it all done as soon as possible.


Roselady said...

I told H they would be here by spring. I'm sure they will!

Christina said...

Love the list. Can I help with any of it? PLEASE? (There's my whine. :) ). Also, can you show me how to use Pinterest? I don't understand it.

shell said...

i personally think you have earned the right to whine. :) we can help too, if any is needed!!

Kristin said...

Great list. I'm thinking of you and hoping you get very good news today!!