Thursday, January 12, 2012

Court Update

We have another court date set for Monday, 1/16 at which point it's hoped that the information that was missing from our daughter's file at our 12/22 date will be there. Please keep your fingers crossed and send out hopeful thoughts/prayers/vibes that everything goes smoothly and a court decree is issued.

We missed Atticus and Norah terribly while we were in Ethiopia and were glad to get home to them. On the other hand, it feels like we left pieces of our hearts behind with our new little ones. It's agonizing not to know how the rest of our case will unfold, whether we'll get stuck in the Embassy process, and, most importantly, when the newbies will be able to come home. They are so sweet and it's physically painful to reflect on how much of their lives we're missing. This video of Atticus and Norah was taken at roughly the same age that the newbies are now and it makes my heart ache to see how quickly my first babies are growing and to think that our new children are at about that same age but lacking parents to appreciate it.

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Roselady said...

I often think about how hard it is to know they are there living their early lives without you. Hope the court date resolves things. It will be such joy for everyone when they come home.