Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Travel to Dessie, Ethiopia

Someone from our adoption agency once told us that the drive to Dessie from Addis Ababa is long, flat, and not terribly interesting. I can only assume that that person was not remembering the correct trip. Ethiopia is rife with gorgeous landscapes, but I think the ones on this drive were particularly spectacular. Truly, my pictures don't do it justice. Much of the drive consists of winding roads along the cliffs of mountains. Once again, I was extremely thankful to have a capable driver at the wheel and would never want to drive the road myself!

If you're planning a trip to Dessie, you should be advised that it's much colder there than in other places in Ethiopia. I may sound like Captain Obvious, but nobody had mentioned that to us and we were shocked to find the temperatures in the high 50's rather than in the 80's as they'd been for the rest of our trip. Brrr!!!!

Norah was born in Dessie and we made this journey to get some more information for her about her background. That information is private for her, but I will say that we're delighted to be able to tell her someday about the beautiful area of the country she came from and the wonderfully kind people who played roles in her early life.

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Debbie said...

So anxious and excited to see the photos!

Happy New Year!