Thursday, December 22, 2011

Day Three

The bad news is that we didn't pass court today. However, it appears that the only documentation we're missing is an updated police report for our daughter's file, so we're optimistic that we may get a court decree soon.

Today we had our third visit with the newbies and it was a rewarding one. Our little guy let out a squall at the very beginning when the nannies left him with us, but after that he was quite happy to play ball with us. Paul managed to cajole some great smiles from our little man by lifting him up in the air. At one point, I walked away to put my camera out of Little Girl's inquiring reach and Little Guy actually walked over to see where I'd gone. He then sat happily in my lap playing with a toy bus for quite a while. It was definite, definite progress!

Little Girl has personality to spare and is very vocal. She was babbling up a storm and let her feelings be known whenever a toy was taken away. She's a total doll.

We leave at the crack of dawn tomorrow morning for Bahir Dar and will be going to Chero directly afterward. I doubt we'll have internet access in either location, but we'll be sure to take plenty of pictures and report back on Tuesday when we return to Addis.

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Roselady said...

Sounds like she and Norah are meant to be sisters...
Glad the little boy is warming up. I think he's so sweet every time I see his tears. Amy