Monday, November 14, 2011

Bump Beds

Last weekend, Atticus and Norah begged us to assemble their "bump beds". The two beds had been residing separately in two different bedrooms, but suddenly the kiddos decided they wanted to share a room immediately. Our house has four bedrooms, so we'd planned all along for at least two of our children to share a room once the newbies come home. We felt some trepidation about disrupting their bedtime routine because we've dealt with more than our fair share of sleep challenges, but we let them take the lead and it's worked beautifully.

Blankets hung from the top bunk to create a curtain over the bottom have created endless entertainment - I can't tell you how many times Paul and I have acted as audience to their magic show which consists of the magician telling us to close our eyes and the other child disappearing or reappearing from behind the curtain. That's the only trick in the show so far. It's a good thing it's a free show.


Roselady said...

Madonna has the same pjs. Funny to see them on Norah. PJs get to be so familiar, you look twice when you see someone else wearing them.

shell said...

these are great! my kiddos love their bunk beds too. :)

ed said...

How nice, wonder if the beds at camp helped in thier decision to be together, who knows what goes thru their little heads. Glad they are happy sharing a room.
Your mother and I shared a room for a few years (about 10).