Sunday, October 2, 2011

Apple Picking

We went to our favorite orchard with the Peep-Eye family today and had a great time. Fall is my favorite season because I love days like today with crisp air, blue skies, and leaves that are turning.

Atticus and Norah have learned to make funny faces. Aren't they charming? I'm sure that Chris and Christina will appreciate it when their children follow suit.

We came home with approximately a kajillion apples (though exactly half of the two kajillion that the Peep-Eyes picked). Apple crisp has already been prepared; apple sauce and apple butter are in process too, but we still have a half kajillion apples left to use. Suggestions are welcome!

1 comment:

Roselady said...

I love Norah in the sunglasses.
And, Paul really looks like John in at least one of those pics...they are brothers, after all...