Thursday, August 11, 2011

Norah Is Four!

I'm a little late in writing about Norah's birthday, but I know she never minds extending the celebration.

Miss Norah truly is gold to us. She's one of the most exuberant and affectionate children I've ever met and her enthusiasm for life infects all of us who have the good fortune to be in her family.

Turning four hasn't decreased her attraction to making messes - in fact she simply seems to have gained the height and skills necessary to reach things that are supposed to be out of reach. A picture of Norah at four wouldn't be complete without photos of her own "creations". In addition, she continues to love digging in the mud, swimming, riding her bicycle, and pretending to be a princess.

Norah, we love you to infinity and beyond!

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AnneMarie said...

Aw....just what I needed today- this captures Norah perfectly. Her hugs are the best!