Thursday, July 14, 2011


Atticus and Norah spent ten days with my parents and grandmother at the lake and just arrived home tonight. Paul and I had decided to wait until they were home before telling them the news about their new siblings. I wish I could post the video I took, but it includes the new kiddos' names and ages, so I can't do that. However, much excitement was produced. Atticus and Norah gazed at the pictures and then Atticus exclaimed, "Are they in your tummy right now, Mama?!" Norah found her own baby book and declared that the pictures were of her little sister (they don't look very similar at all). Then at bedtime, after telling me that his little brother will want to sleep in his room, Atticus added, "I'm pretty sure my new brother speaks Spanish."


Christina said...

Yay! Can I see the video if I come over?! Pretty please? :)

Ed said...

Missed the kids this weekend, I had to go swimming all by myself.