Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Atticus and Norah found two caterpillars and spent quite a long time nurturing them. It quickly became apparent that Norah's was D-E-A-D, but that didn't stop her from loving it. They drew their caterpillars houses using chalk and brought them herbs to eat. Atticus's eventually crawled away and we put Norah's in the garden so that it could wake up in a nice place.
Atticus picked tomatoes and basil from our garden for our caprese salad last night and cut the basil up for me using his scissors. It won't be long before we can turn over all culinary duties to him.

The kids made an airplane out of the couch cushions and were pretending to fly to Ethiopia to bring home their new siblings. Sigh. The waiting is hard on all of us.

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