Monday, July 4, 2011

Ben & Jerry's

This is at the graveyard for retired flavors. Norah took some of these pictures and directed all of them, instructing us all to look very sad. I miss you, From Russia with Buzz!

I've spent every summer of my life plus four years of college within driving distance to the Ben & Jerry's ice cream factory, but I'd never visited. Middlebury College stocks its dining halls with the factory rejects of ice cream and I used to eat it approximately two meals per day - sometimes three if there was a really good flavor out at breakfast. When I graduated from college Paul and I were already engaged and I had purchased my wedding dress. I got home to Indiana and couldn't figure out why I was suddenly losing weight. Normally this is not something I would consider to be a problem at all, but alterations to wedding gowns are expensive. It finally occurred to me that the weight loss was due to withdrawal from the ice cream. Only quality ice cream is worth eating, in my opinion and there was no way I could have afforded to buy the good stuff on a daily basis. I ended up being able to exchange the dress for a smaller size and we all lived happily ever after.

The drive to the factory was gorgeous and the factory itself is situated right next to the mountains of Stowe. The tour is cheap (free for kids, three dollars for adults) and includes free ice cream at the end. There's a very nice playground at the site that allowed the kids to run off some energy before being packed into the car and Atticus was fascinated by the machinery that packs the ice cream. Overall, I would totally recommend the tour to anyone who will be in that area!

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