Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Some things we've heard in our house:

Atticus: Are we going to drive to Camp or take an airplane?
Me: We're going to drive.
Atticus: Oh no! We can't drive because Papa's P.O.S. can't get us to Camp! (further probing uncovered the fact that he was referring to Paul's G.P.S.)

Me: Norah, what happened to your eye (pointing to a tiny fingernail-shaped scratch on her eyelid)?
Norah: A big tiger named Magatease came and he BITED me and I said, "No! No! Magatease! Bad tiger!" and then I put him outside in the yard and shoved him into a molehole, but Magatease was too big for the hole and he didn't fit. So then I turned him into a squirrel and pushed him down in the hole and that was the end of Magatease.

Atticus: Mama, Mrs. V (his teacher) was wearing a new dress today and she looked so gorgeous! Someday, when I'm a lot older, like five or ten, can I take some money and buy her a flower and give it to her?

Norah: I have to wear sunglasses so that the sun can't see me.

  • I caught the kids trying to cooperatively lift the toilet off of the floor this evening.

  • Atticus was found recently using a bottle opener to try to pry open the babylock on our kitchen cabinet that still holds Easter candy.

  • The children found a box of Band-Aids after they were supposed to be in bed tonight and had applied the entire box to their bodies. On the bright side, this assuages some of our worry about Norah's fine motor skills. She was pretty good at opening all those wrappers! When I asked how they got into the bathroom (it was locked with a hook-and-eye lock at the top of the outside of the door), Atticus replied, "Oh, it wasn't a problem Mom. I just built a stool out of books."

  • Last night, Paul was playing a game he calls "College Fund" where the kids are supposed to try to pry open his fist to retrieve a quarter. He ceded when Atticus held his wrist firmly while Norah came running out of the kitchen with a fork and a big grin.

  • We've been having discussions with Atticus about real emergencies because for a while he had a tendency to yell, "Emergency! Help! Help! I'm in trouble!" out his bedroom window whenever he wanted us to come up to his room.

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Kim said...

I love you kids! I can only hope that mine are as creative.