Friday, June 17, 2011

Biology Is Hard

Explaining a potential adoption to preschoolers is not for the faint of heart. Atticus continues to ask lots of questions about when our new baby/babies will join the family and he's very frustrated that we can't provide a concrete answer. He's not at all on board with the idea of adopting only one baby and provided the following plan: "My tummy could get bigger and Norah's tummy could get bigger and then we could have two babies."

Yesterday as we were walking out the door to swim class, he dropped the age-old question: "How does a baby get into a mommy's tummy?" Caught off guard, I gave him the timeless chestnut involving mommies, daddies, and special hugs and he seemed satisfied with that answer. Until tonight that is, when he was asking more questions about our new baby. "Will Papa give you a special hug to make the baby in Ethiopia? Will he give a special hug to the baby's Ethiopian mommy? Could you call the nice people at Toukoul [the care center where Atticus and Norah resided in Ethiopia] and tell them about the special hug so they can know and we can bring our new baby home?"

Oh. My. Goodness.


Anonymous said...

He'll think about this more in the days ahead and ask more questions. Good luck! LOL, Grandma Beebe

Jolene said...

So cute and funny! (for me) ;)