Sunday, May 15, 2011


Our important parenting skill of delivering a Very Serious, Stern, and Important Lecture while keeping a straight face was tested when Atticus decided to make dessert. Ingredients: frozen broccoli, frozen blueberries, and chocolate, vanilla and pistachio pudding mix (dry). I swear he was only unsupervised for as long as it took for us to change our clothes to go out to dinner.

Paul's brother and sister-in-law hosted us for a Mother's Day barbecue and Atticus and Norah were inspired by their cousins' tree climbing skills.

Today was freezing cold and gray so we spent much of the day inside trying to amuse ourselves. Consequently, we had a birthday party for our dog Stella who turns six years old at some point this month. It turns out there are tons of doggie cake recipes online. We chose one that had carrots and then we frosted it with pureed cottage cheese that was dyed pink. The whole thing wasn't really my cup of tea, but Stella seemed satisfied.

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