Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I'm Not the Only One Who's Impatient

We have rarely initiated conversations with Atticus and Norah about potentially adding new siblings to their family. Given that fives minutes still seems like an eternity to them, we haven't really thought it a good idea to talk a lot about new siblings that we hope will arrive at some point in the distant future. Atticus, however, has latched onto the idea and brings it up almost every day.

"Mama, I think when we get the new babies, if there's a thunderstorm you shouldn't leave them outside in the backyard at night because they might get cold and scared. We should bring them inside and let them sleep in Atticus's bed."

"Mama, let's bring our new babies to Camp this summer because they will really like it and I'll hold their hands if they're scared when they jump in the water."
[Upon being told that the new babies won't be home in time to go to Camp this summer] "Do you think we could make a sticker chart and I could earn our new babies? Because I don't want them to be in Eth'opia. I want them at our house."

Out of the mouths of babes.

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Christina said...

Awww. Big lump in my throat. Especially with the sticker chart bit. Could the phone just ring already?!