Monday, April 4, 2011

Waiting [Im]Patiently

Today we hit another month's anniversary of waiting for a referral. [Note: A Google search reveals that "month anniversary" doesn't exist since the root of anniversary refers to a year. People who make up the rules of such things suggest alternates such as lunaversary or mensiversary. Whatever. It's my blog and I think mensiversary is a horrible word.] Paul has a client who resides in the same state as our adoption agency and tonight the client called Paul's cellphone at TEN O'CLOCK and our hearts did a little pitter-patter when we saw the area code. Last week, our adoption coordinator called me late at night. Since our agency has an unofficial policy against calling families that are waiting, I was really hoping she was calling with a referral. Instead, she was just calling to follow up about an email and to tell me that there was no news other than an acknowledgement from the care center in Ethiopia that they are aware our family exists. So... the call could come tomorrow, or it could come six months from now, or I suppose it could possibly take even longer than that - though I'd rather not go there mentally right now.

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Anonymous said...

So sorry you're having to wait, I know how hard that is! It is truly stressful and exhausting! I think of you guys often!