Sunday, April 24, 2011

Atticus Is Four!

Happy birthday Atticus! We love you! Today's birthday post was authored by Paul:

Things of note:
Atticus loves jokes. He loves inserting "broccoli stew" or "poopoo" into the answer to questions as a punch line. He is an expert at pratfalls.

When you tell Atticus that you are hungry he always suggest broccoli and soup. Occasionally he will suggest eggs as well.

Atticus favorite words this week are "rats!" and "oh man!"

Atticus' stuffed bear ate exclusively cake (10 cakes - 1 for each claw on the front paws) until recently when his bear decided that cake is a sometimes food and now eats mostly vegetables.

He can throw a heck of a tantrum. That passion will drive achievement.

Atticus now pretty much totally explores a new environment on his own. He hiked up a dune twice (and down to the shoreline) with me jogging after him.

Apparently Atticus is pretty quiet at school, but he has made many friends. He greets them with side hugs.

Atticus will still retrieve his sister's Dora upon request.

Default games outside involve chasing his sister, digging, taking toys from his sister, swinging, pushing trucks, and mowing the lawn.

Unprompted, Atticus says that he will be very busy building schools when he is older, but he will still visit Norah.

His "love light" smells like cake.

He is not a cookie because he has hands and cookies do not have hands. (Usually this is his defense against Papa eating him because Papa gets hungry for cookies.)

He loves swinging super high - basically hitting 3 and 9 on a clock. It is unknown how long he will swing - as long as someone is pushing him that high. It makes Mama nervous.

Atticus fears ghosts.

Atticus taunts his sister by repeatedly asking how old he is (4) and then asking how old Norah is (3). He makes similar comparisons of superiority via incessant questioning any time he has something his sister does not.

Atticus can swim the length of the pool without a bubble.

We are very proud of our little boy and feel lucky to have him in our lives! We love you Atticus.


Roselady said...

T also loves to insert the word poo poo into everything. M. just says it's "poop." Happy B Day, part of the big b-day weekend extravaganza.

Christina said...

Happy birthday Atticus!

John and Jenna Gensic said...

Happy Birthday Atticus. Who doesn't laugh at the word "poop?" He's a genius.