Wednesday, February 9, 2011

What are they doing to our public schools?

I intended to write an entire post about why I attended a rally in Indianapolis yesterday, but honestly I'm a little too tired and disgruntled to compose anything decent.
For background, check here.
For information about State Superintendent Tony Bennett's bias for creating charter schools (his wife is a highly paid consultant for establishing charter schools), click here or here.
For a very apt response from a teacher, try this one: What if other professionals were held to teachers' standards?
The State Senate voted yesterday in favor of creating more charter schools. There is no evidence to support the idea that charter schools are better for students than public schools. In fact, the two charter schools in our city have scores that are far lower than the rest of our public schools. Twenty-one of the twenty-five worst performing schools in the state are charter schools! The problem with creating charter schools is that the money to do so comes out of the budget for public schools. There is no increased tax money dedicated to charter schools, so the public schools must trim away at their existing programs in order to run the facilities for the charter schools.
Some of the legislation currently under discussion would prohibit collective bargaining for working conditions. This would eliminate class-size limits. Do you want your child in a classroom with one teacher and forty students? I certainly DO NOT want that for Atticus and Norah, and I know that I would not be able to teach my own students well if I had 240 students stretched throughout my six-period day. Heck, this legislation allows them to eliminate our preparation period too, so I could have a seven-period day and 280 students. Can you imagine how detrimental that would be for students?

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