Sunday, February 13, 2011


My grandmother (and my parents with whom she lives) has had a rather sucktastic week that started with a few days in the hospital and has ended with her being checked into a rehabilitation facility. It hasn't been fun for anybody except Atticus and Norah. My children
love their Gigi because "She's silly, just like us!" and they always enjoy checking out new places. We've visited the hospital enough in the last few months that they're old pros and look forward to going. It doesn't hurt that Gigi is always so excited to see them and humors all their energy. I'm not sure if being spun around in a recliner is exactly what the doctor had in mind when she moved Grandma to the rehabilitation center, but it seemed to put her in better spirits.


Christina said...

haha, love it.

Ed said...

Mom is in a good place - and she really enjoys the kids, thanks for sharing the pictures.

Jane said...

Ha! Grandmom probably didn't expect she'd see this much action this quickly in Rehab.