Sunday, February 6, 2011

Books for Reluctant Readers

There are very few moments that are more awesome to teachers than when a student who doesn't normally like to read gets drawn into a good book. After a lackluster fall semester, I feel like I've struck gold in choosing books for my 8th grade scholars to use in literature circles this semester. They may get the impression that it makes me grumpy to catch them reading their novels instead of doing assigned work, but it actually delights me.

My students got to choose five of the following nine books to read and they have been really excited about them. I've had kids who have never shown an interest in reading before come find me in between classes to exclaim, "Miss! This is the best book I've ever read!" It's music to my ears!


Roselady said...

It looks like there's a few newberrys in there...i've always loved those, but haven't kept up since about 5th grade...though, now my oldest is reading some of the titles familiar to me...I'll have to check those out...amy

Life in the Bend said...

Amy, just a warning that none of these books (except maybe Charlotte Doyle) would be at all appropriate for your oldest. They're excellent books, but the subject matter is probably way too mature for H.

Roselady said...

I'm just seeing this now. Yes, I wasn't sure about age appropriate. I loved Newberrys, but the ones I haven't read, I'd probably either read aloud or do some research before I handed them over. Thanks.