Monday, January 3, 2011

Game Night

I've read several reports recently of bloggers whose three-year-olds love board games. The grandma-santas were kind enough to supply us with a few kid-appropriate games, so we've been trying them out. The kids think they're fabulous!*
*I should also add, for full disclosure, that coaching them through a game of Candy Land is a bit of an athletic event. I was envisioning quiet family time where we all sat around the table and moved our own pieces around the board in an orderly fashion. Currently it involves lots of reminders not to eat the cards, not to sit on the board, not to eat the pieces, that you can't switch pieces mid-game, you can't jump your piece ahead forty spaces just because that part of the board is prettier, etc.


Christina said...

hahahahaha. We played Pengaloo for the second night in a row tonight, and it involved a lot of throwing dice, and Sisaye asking her penguin if he knew the color of his egg. What a hoot. We haven't been brave enough to try Candyland yet, since the Chutes and Ladders was a bit of a fiasco. We are loving the board games, though. I'm thinking family game night? And peeing in my pants just imagining the hilarity. :) Can't wait to hang out again soon! And lest you think I am ignoring you, I am still reflecting on whether I can handle the Holy Half. I'll let you know soon!

Chris said...

Those pictures are great! Paul your yawns are contagious.

Beth said...

Love the pictures! Candyland is far from relaxing here, so although my three-year-old loves it we don't encourage that one. We do better with Hi Ho Cherry-Oh, various matching/memory card games, and a new hit -- Go Fish. She caught on to that one right away.

One thing we do is play cooperatively rather than competitively at this point, with everybody helping everybody else. She absolutely does not understand the point of competing, does not care if she loses, and this way we can teach her strategy so that once she's ready to compete, she'll know how to play. She gets equally excited no matter who wins.

Roselady said...

Love what you wrote!