Tuesday, January 25, 2011

First Report Cards

The comments on the cards:

"Atticus has made a great transition to school and is eager to learn new things! He is a very happy boy and attempts all new things with a great attitude. I am very pleased with the way he is moving toward independence in our class."

"Norah's joyful embrace of life brings us smiles each day. She loves her classmates and is very decisive in her choice of works, often repeating the same works each day. She struggles with concentration, but that will improve with time. She is choosing works that will support her efforts to concentrate and move toward more independence."

The kids' first semester at their Montessori preschool was a great experience for both of them. They both love their teachers, adore their new friends, and are excited to get to school in the morning. Atticus in particular has really flourished in the environment provided at school. He has always craved routine, and the quiet environment with procedures that are demonstrated daily has been a perfect fit for him. Paul and I were nearly in tears of joy the first time we observed his class and saw how peaceful and purposeful he seemed to be there. Over holiday breaks and long weekends it becomes clear that he really misses his school routine. His teacher reported at our conference yesterday that he's never thrown even the tiniest of tantrums and is an incredibly easy-going little guy. If you've been around our family, you know that Atticus can throw epic fits. He is a delightful, verbal, intelligent, and caring son, but "easy-going" is not how we would generally describe him. I'm very glad that he's getting a chance to explore that more controlled side of himself at school and it certainly puts my mind at ease a little bit (because what parent of a tantrum-prone child doesn't sometimes wonder if there's something wrong with their kid?). Paul and I agree that there's not a doubt in our minds that the school is a perfect fit for Atticus.

Norah prefers the social aspect of school and we're fine with that. I think that socialization and learning how to navigate groups of peers without a lot of interference from adults is one of the most important parts of school, especially preschool, and Norah has certainly embraced it. Her class sings frequently and she takes great pride in repeating the songs at home. She also enjoys the sound table at school and is doing a nice job of remembering the sounds that each letter makes. Overall, we're very pleased with the introduction to education that she is receiving.