Sunday, October 17, 2010

Tonight's dinner was bean soup. It's not the most popular meal with the kids and I thought they'd hit their threshold after a few bites each. However, that was before Norah had the bright idea to pretend that she was the mommy and Atticus was her baby. She spoon fed him his entire bowl and then he got a turn being the daddy feeding her. Although not the cleanest possible way to eat a meal, it was super cute and I was impressed by how much they ate.

We've started talking to the kids a little bit about having new babies join our family. We're not going to get super specific in our chats until after we have referrals, but they are tossing the idea around. They've made a unanimous decision that a baby sister should be named A-B-C-D-E-F-G while a baby brother should be X-Y-Z-O. Atticus is insistent that he needs two brothers and two sisters. He also asked us very seriously one day if he has a baby growing in his tummy.

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Christina said...

Heh, I'm behind in Reader. Love the names :).