Sunday, October 24, 2010

Zoo Boo

I think this picture captured the exact moment that Atticus discovered that the packages being dropped into his bag contained candy. It was kind of a big deal.
He got to try a flute and was also allowed to use a bow on a cello and play the keys on a clarinet while the musician played.
The "spooky" train
Waiting in line to trick-or-treat at the zoo
Norah is in love with this costume that my mom found for her. She has been dying to wear it and once it was on today informed me, "You can call me Her Majesty now." I'm not sure where she acquired her deep interest in princesses. We tend to avoid pushing them and the few times we've tried watching Disney movies during hair time they've been too scary for Atticus. At any rate, princess apparel makes her really, really happy and I guess that's enough for us.
Atticus wanted to be a train for Halloween and I actually did look up how to make an appropriate costume. When I pulled out their outfits from last year, however, he asked to be a tiger again. Since this conversation occurred last night and I hadn't even started the train costume yet, we were more than willing to follow his lead.

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Sara said...

Nora is a beautiful princess. You have a lovely family. Happy Halloween.