Sunday, October 31, 2010


a minor dispute over the crown

The princess and the panda thoroughly grasped the concept of Halloween this year and were delighted by trick-or-treating. By the time we were done, all of us were ready for a good night's sleep.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My Son Knows Me Well

"Mama, I have to stay in my bed and sleep all night so that the chocolate fairy can come leave me chocolate. You have to go to Mama and Papa's bed and sleep all night so that the coffee fairy can bring you coffee."

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Zoo Boo

I think this picture captured the exact moment that Atticus discovered that the packages being dropped into his bag contained candy. It was kind of a big deal.
He got to try a flute and was also allowed to use a bow on a cello and play the keys on a clarinet while the musician played.
The "spooky" train
Waiting in line to trick-or-treat at the zoo
Norah is in love with this costume that my mom found for her. She has been dying to wear it and once it was on today informed me, "You can call me Her Majesty now." I'm not sure where she acquired her deep interest in princesses. We tend to avoid pushing them and the few times we've tried watching Disney movies during hair time they've been too scary for Atticus. At any rate, princess apparel makes her really, really happy and I guess that's enough for us.
Atticus wanted to be a train for Halloween and I actually did look up how to make an appropriate costume. When I pulled out their outfits from last year, however, he asked to be a tiger again. Since this conversation occurred last night and I hadn't even started the train costume yet, we were more than willing to follow his lead.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Great Pumpkin 2010

Unlike the pumpkin carving events of 2008 and 2009, Atticus was very enthusiastic about tonight's adventure with my dad. According to Atticus, fear of pumpkins is only for babies. Now that he's a mature man of three years, he wasn't feeling scared at all. He forgot, however, that he's completely repulsed by the smell of raw pumpkin. I should have seen that coming. Last weekend he woke up requesting that we make pumpkin pie and then spent the entire time that the pumpkin was in the oven talking about how stinky and gross it smelled. Weirdo.
Norah, on the other hand, maintained her enthusiasm throughout the carving and was a great helper. She's the one who requested a smiley face. There's also a grumpy face drawn on the backside of it because she needed it to feel true happiness about the pumpkin situation.
Thank you Grandpa Terry!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Tonight's dinner was bean soup. It's not the most popular meal with the kids and I thought they'd hit their threshold after a few bites each. However, that was before Norah had the bright idea to pretend that she was the mommy and Atticus was her baby. She spoon fed him his entire bowl and then he got a turn being the daddy feeding her. Although not the cleanest possible way to eat a meal, it was super cute and I was impressed by how much they ate.

We've started talking to the kids a little bit about having new babies join our family. We're not going to get super specific in our chats until after we have referrals, but they are tossing the idea around. They've made a unanimous decision that a baby sister should be named A-B-C-D-E-F-G while a baby brother should be X-Y-Z-O. Atticus is insistent that he needs two brothers and two sisters. He also asked us very seriously one day if he has a baby growing in his tummy.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Pumpkin Patch and Corn Maze with a Sprinkling of Goat

To fully appreciate the picture above, you should know that Norah had her hands on her hips and was yelling, "Baa! Say baaaaaaa!" at the stubbornly silent goat.

October at the Beach

We had hoped to fit in a hike at Warren Dunes sometime this autumn, but I never imagined the kids would actually be able to swim in October. It was a gorgeous day though and the water was quite refreshing after their first trip up to the top of the dunes.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Following the Rules

When Paul and I went up to bed, we discovered that Atticus had found a new place to sleep while adhering to the rule that he has to stay in his bedroom. He had set up his sheet, water, pillow, dog, duck, bear, and comforter and was sound asleep.

Those who know Atticus well can attest that he is a loving, curious, and charming little guy who can throw incredible tantrums. We very seriously expect him to find a career in civil disobedience because the kid can turn on the boneless legs and howls of outrage like few children I've met. I feel guilty posting about it, because I don't want anyone to think badly of my child. Really, most of the time he's delightful. To say that the tantrums test our patience, however, would be fair. At any rate, on Tuesday he started to get upset because Norah had gotten into the carseat that he wanted. I could tell that we were about ten seconds away from a meltdown and I was feeling really frustrated so I said, "Atticus, you are not allowed to have tantrums anymore." And then he sat down in his carseat and hasn't had a tantrum since. He's had moments of being upset, of course, but no full-on fits. Two years of reading parenting books for ideas, talking to him about his feelings, removing him from situations...I know the effect of this rule may not be permanent, but we'll enjoy it while it lasts.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Weekend Bliss

We had a great weekend that included swimming lessons and a children's concert yesterday and apple picking followed by a trip to the train museum today.
We're supposed to submit family pictures along with our dossier for the next adoption. It's awfully difficult to get a decent picture of all four of us at once. Would you trust the family above to care for a couple of babies, or should I look into a better photoshopping program?

The highlight of the day, according to Atticus, was when he found a great, big apple and then he put it in a wagon and took it for a long ride around the farm. He also really liked visiting the train museum with Grandpa Terry, Nommie, GiGi, and Uncle Eddie, but my camera was essentially dead by that point.

Princess Norah

Somebody spends a lot of time these days dressing up like a princess. Would you believe she developed this ensemble all by herself?


Guess who picked out flowers for their mama. Norah chose the sunflowers herself and was quite proud. Atticus brought me carnations. As you can see from the background of the photo, they didn't quite withstand the loving energy with which he carried them.