Sunday, September 19, 2010


Atticus: But Mama, how does the sun know when to get up? Does it have an alarm clock?

Earlier in the day
Norah: What are we going to do today?
Paul (lying on the floor): Let's go to the grocery store.
Norah: Open your mouth.
Paul: Okay. Ahhh...
Norah: [spits in her father's mouth, at which point I try to stop convulsing with laughter long enough to tell her that the behavior is not acceptable]

Oh, three-year-olds. They're so much fun and, in the interest of full disclosure, so challenging. They're hilarious and creative and so full of life, even though it sometimes feels like they're aging Paul and I before our time.


Christina said...

hahahahahaha. love it.

wildflowers said...

omgosh i am with you and find that utterly hilarious and laughed when i read it!! too bad we have to tell them its a no-no, < sigh >. oh the visual!! lol.

love the inquiry about the sun :)