Monday, September 27, 2010

The Chocolate Fairy

Did you know that there's a magical fairy who sometimes leaves an M&M under the pillows of children who sleep all night in their own beds without fussing to get into Mama and Papa's bed? Things have gotten a little wacky around here regarding sleep lately, and the Chocolate Fairy made a blessed appearance to *ahem* motivate the children to stay in their own beds.
Answers to some questions you may have:

"But what is the Chocolate Fairy's name?" Princess Chocolate Sleep Fairy
"What does she look like?" She has wings and a beautiful princess dress.
"Mama, how does the Chocolate Fairy get into our house? Through the door?" I don't know. It's magic.
"How does the Chocolate Fairy know if I sleep all night in my own bed? Do you email her?" I don't know. She's magical.
"I need to open my window so that I can hear the Chocolate Fairy, okay?" Uh...

Norah was so delighted to find the M&M under her pillow that, after running in to show it to Paul, she immediately got back in her bed and tried to go to sleep again so that the fairy could make a repeat visit. Please note that last night was the first night in two weeks that she stayed in her own bed. We love you Chocolate Fairy?

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