Saturday, September 18, 2010

Attempted Chicknapping

We took a little trip to the Brookfield Zoo today. Norah fell in love with a tiny chick that a volunteer was letting the children pet. She lingered petting it and trying to hug it for nearly ten minutes before we led her away against her will. A bit later, when she thought I was distracted, she bolted from the next exhibit and went running back to "her" chick and tried to take it out of the volunteer's hand before I could reach her. The girl knows what she wants. Thankfully, she didn't injure the chicken by loving it too much. No harm, no fowl.


Jane said...

Looks like the big zoo mix up esterday proved to be a blast for your family. Great finally meeting you and you sweet children!

wildflowers said...

wonderful photos!!

hm, maybe a little baby chick pet is near in her future?? oh, come on mom!? lol.

looks like a fun day :)

Christina said...

Ditto that. Well, except the meeting you bit. :) Glad you all had such a great time! Our zoo trip ended up being very abbreviated due to the absence of naps and the unwillingness of my children to follow anything close to a suggestion, let alone a direction.