Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Psyched for School

Tonight we went to Atticus and Norah's preschool open house. There was so much anticipation! When we pulled up near the school, Norah started yelling, "It's my school! It's my school! I'm so excited!" When we entered the building and were standing in line, she started introducing herself to everyone. "Hi, I'm No-wah and this is my brother Att-cus. It's nice to meet you." It was super cute.

The kids will be attending a public Montessori school and we're all feeling very enthusiastic about it. It's close to our house and the student body is very diverse (45% Black, 30% White, 16% Multiracial, 9% Latino). One thing we've read over and over in accounts by adult adoptees is the importance of making sure that our children are not always the minority in their surroundings. Our city unfortunately has almost no Ethiopian community (aside from Ethiopian adoptees), but we can at least make sure our kids don't feel isolated into an all-white world.

This is not to say that Paul and I aren't scared stiff about the idea of them going off to school. We've been so lucky to have family nearby that the kids have only stayed with non-relatives two or three times since they came home 2.5 years ago and in those cases they were staying with close friends of ours for just a couple of hours. The thought that we're about to send them into someone else's care everyday is frightening and we're also worried about whether they'll be on their best behavior or be those kids who throw temper tantrums and necessitate calls home. I really hope it's the former!

(This is where I need to issue an apology to all the friends who went before us in sending their children off to school. I'll admit that I always thought they were being a tad overly dramatic over preschool. I was wrong. It is hard!)

There's a new school in my life too; I started a job at a new school today. I'll be teaching at a middle school and it seems like it will be a welcome reprieve after the last two years. I haven't met my students yet (that happens tomorrow), but the staff is welcoming, the administration seems forthright and involved, and I have a nice classroom that I don't have to share. Overall, I'm feeling very optimistic about it!


wildflowers said...

i would like to hear about how they like (or you all like) the montessori school once they get seetled into it. i would like to homeschool when we adopt and have also researched montessori.

thats a cute photo of the locker:)

shell said...

i am nervous and we are past preschool! i think i am more nervous then the kids! great to see you and glad i will be seeing more of you this year!

Kristin said...

Best wishes for a great school year for all three of you!

Mrs. N said...

I'm so happy for you that you have a new job. I remember how stressful the last one was, and hope that this year goes smoothly for you. - Saralinda