Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Sleepy Swimmer

We signed up for a membership at the YMCA this week. The kids will be taking swimming lessons this fall and we wanted to be able to take advantage of the family swim days this winter. It is incredibly hot and humid here today, so I took Atticus and Norah over to the pool to try it out for the first time. They don't have much experience with bodies of water that are over their heads. Atticus, however, didn't miss a beat. Wearing a life jacket, he figured out how to jump into the water by himself and swim around in the pool and over to the side without any help. Over and over and over. The kid is fearless in the water. It's so much fun to see this side of him.

One of the reasons I decided to head for the pool was that the kids didn't take a nap today. I knew if we didn't make plans soon, the afternoon was going to devolve into an unpleasant scene at our house. Of course, within about two minutes of getting in the car after our swim, Atticus fell sound asleep. I woke him up when we got home and stood him next to the car so that I could unbuckle Norah. The picture above is what happened. I'm sure he would have slept right there next to the road for a long time if I'd let him.


Angie said...

Classic toddler exhaustion! I love it!

Christina said...

hahaha, i love it!