Sunday, August 1, 2010

The irony is not lost on us...

...that Saturday night while we were registering for an online course required for our next adoption, entitled "Disciplining the Adopted Child", our son was upstairs flooding the bathroom. Apparently Atticus decided to wash his hands after we put him down for bed. He added a full container of hand soap and then tried to clean up the mess by putting towels in the sink - while it was still running. By the time we realized that he was not, in fact, sound asleep, there was about two inches of water and bubbles on our bathroom floor and it soon began to seep through our living room ceiling. Lovely. On the upside, the webinar reinforced our decision to make his consequence directly related to his actions: he lost the privilege of having his bedroom door open that night and the bathroom will remain locked while he's upstairs for the foreseeable future.
The picture above is of the kids "fishing" this morning. They caught a few tractors and Atticus kept calling me over to see his big fish. Their imaginative play is exploding these days.
The summer is flying by and I'm feeling the urge to cling to it by my fingernails.


John and Jenna Gensic said...

I take it you are working this school year?

shell said...

oh. my. i always said my twins were not double the trouble, but it was multiplied!