Saturday, July 17, 2010


  • Atticus's vocabulary is ever-expanding. Upon being placed in a new bed last week, he exclaimed, "Mama, this bed is horrible!"
  • He's also trying to do his part to ensure that truth and justice dominate the household. Today brought the following declaration: "Norah is being naughty. She pinched Atticus. Norah, you go in time out!"
  • Tonight I reminded Norah again that we don't hit people or animals and she replied, "But Mama, you hitted the bugs." It's true that I was swatting biting flies today on our walk. I didn't think she noticed and I never would have imagined that she would make the connection.
  • Norah screamed and kicked when we tried to get her to try on two different outfits yesterday. However, when she saw a third outfit, she whipped off her old dressed, helped my mom and me get her into the new outfit, and then demanded to keep the new outfit on. I'm going to be in trouble during her adolescence.
  • We went to the annual chicken barbecue at the Putnam fire station. Atticus fell asleep on the way there and kept requesting that we return him to the car so he could finish his nap.
  • My parents have cable at Camp and I may be addicted to the Food Network now. It's almost enough to convince me that we should switch to cable for our internet.

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